RagaMuffin Cat Breed Profile

Ragamuffin cat


The RagaMuffin is a close relative to the better known Ragdoll who in past times could be found in a number of colours. 

It has a similar temperament to its Ragdoll cousin, with a friendly and laid back personality and a beautiful soft coat.



The history of the RagaMuffin isn’t well documented but what is known is that the breed originated from the Ragdoll cat. A group of Ragdoll breeders splintered from the International Ragdoll Cat Association, a group owned and run by Ann Baker, the creator of the Ragdoll breed. Ann had always been controlling over this group and how the Ragdoll breed (then named the Cherubim) progressed.

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Myelodysplasia in Cats

Myelodysplasia in cats

What is myelodysplasia?  Causes   Symptoms  Diagnosis   Treatment   Prognosis

At a glance

About: Myelodysplasia is a group of diseases caused by a dysfunction of blood cell production in the bone marrow. It can affect red or white blood cells and platelets.

Causes: FIV and FeLV, exposure to toxins such as lead, chemotherapy, copper deficiency and myeloid leukemia. In most cases, it will not be possible to determine the cause.

Symptoms: There can be a variety of symptoms depending on the cells affected.

  • Anemia: pale gums, lethargy, rapid breathing and heart rate.
  • Leukopenia: Mouth ulcers, recurrent infections, fever and fatigue.
  • Thrombocytopenia: increased bleeding, black tarry stools.

Diagnosis: Complete physical examination, accompanying symptoms and history. A bone marrow biopsy under general anesthetic can confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment: Blood transfusions, antibiotics (where needed), hematopoietic growth factors, immunosuppressive drugs, low dose chemotherapy. The only cure for myelodysplasia is a bone marrow transplant (rare).

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Cheetoh Breed Profile

Cheetoh cat


The Cheetoh is one of our newest man-made breeds of cat that came about by crossing a Bengal to an Ocicat.

In 2001 Carol Drymon of Wind Haven Ranch came up with the idea of crossing an Ocicat with a Bengal to create a wild looking cat without adding wild blood to the gene pool, by combining the best of both the Bengal and the Ocicat. The first litter of kittens arrived in 2003. Other breeders have now become involved, and the breed is slowly in numbers and popularity.

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