Cryotherapy for cats

Cryosurgery For Cats

Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) is a form of surgery which uses liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide or argon (collectively called cryogens) gas to freeze and destroy abnormal or diseased tissue, thus eliminating the need to surgically cut the tumour out. Cutaneous and sub-cutaneous tumours are the second most common type of tumours in cats, 50-65% of […]

lavendar toxicity in cats

Lavender Toxicity in Cats – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Common names: Common lavender, True lavender, English lavender Scientific names: Lavendula Toxic parts: All parts, especially the flowers and essential oils Toxic properties:  Linalool and Linalyl acetate Lavender is a popular garden perennial with 47 species,  and also a popular essential oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils distilled from plants for use in oil […]

Cat claw and nailbed infections

Cat Claw and Nailbed Infection in Cats

A number of pathogens are capable of infecting the claws of  cats, the most common are bacterial or fungal infections. Paronychia is the medical name for inflammation or bacterial infection of the nail nailbed and/or surrounding skin and can be bacterial or fungal. Bacterial infections usually occur secondary to trauma, such as overzealous nail trimming, […]

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