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Cat Products and Cat Supplies - What To Buy For Your Cat

Bringing a new kitten into the house is an exciting and happy time. But before your new bundle of fluff arrives it is important you prepare yourself with the basics that your kitten will need.

Below is a list of what we recommend you purchase prior to the arrival of your kitten.

  • Litter trays come in all shapes and sizes such as self-cleaning, covered (or hooded), un-covered. 
  • Disinfectant,  litter scoop and cat litter: There is a wide variety of cat litters on the market these days, some better than others. It is best to avoid clumping cat litter with kittens.
  • Cat Tree/Scratching Post: Cats have a need to scratch and enjoy scratching. Providing your cat with his own scratching post will reduce the chances of your cat using your furniture or carpet.
  • Food/water bowls: You can buy cheap plastic ones, metal ones, pottery ones, automatic ones and even drinking fountains. My personal favourite are the pottery ones as they are more sturdy and therefore there is less of a chance of the bowl being knocked over, plus they can be put in the microwave should you decide to warm the food before feeding your cat.
  • Cat Food: A premium quality brand is the best, and select one for the appropriate age of your cat. For example, if you adopt a kitten, then buy kitten food etc.
  • Cat carrier for those trips to the vet.
  • Cat Toys: A range of toys is recommended for your kitten. A combination of interactive toys, homemade toys, toy mice etc.
  • Cat Bed: There is a vast array of cat beds on the market from relatively plain to fancy. A kitten will do just fine with a cardboard box and a soft blanket or a specially made cat bed, you are only limited by your own budget, taste, and imagination.
  • Cat Books: A general health book is a good idea for the new kitten owner, a kitten book so you can keep tabs on their milestones and I also recommend a good first aid book too.
  • Worming/Flea Control Products: I personally prefer to use the products sold and recommended by my veterinarian. There are some excellent products on the market these days which are applied to the back of the neck once a month, eliminating messy pastes or tablets.
  • First Aid Kit: This is best customised to suit your cat as most commercially available first aid kits are made for humans.
  • Grooming Products: You may or may not wish to groom your cat if it is shorthaired, it is entirely up to you. Many cats do enjoy the attention and time spend with their carer. A lot of the longhaired breeds require daily grooming, so if you have a longhaired cat, you will need to purchase some grooming products.
  • Before you bring your new addition home, make sure you have cat proofed your home.

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