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Diabetes - An endocrine disorder in cats  which is caused by insufficient insulin production or insulin resistance.

Hyperthyroidism - Caused by a benign tumour of the thyroid gland which produces excess amounts of hormones which increase metabolism.

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Cat Pictures - Photos of Cats

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If you would like to send in your cat photos to go in this gallery, please email us. We will need to know the breed, colour and name.
Sorry, but we will be unable to publish all photos submitted.

Ginger tabby    
Maine Coon Silver Somali  
Rosie - Maine Coon Muggy - Silver Somali  
Ginger Domestic Shorthair   Silver cat
Rocky - Domestic Shorthair   Silver Cat
Ginger and white kitten  
Rhani - Grey and White Domestic Longhair   Henry
Persian cat   Ginger & White Domestic Shorthair
Russia - Blue Point Persian   Kyar Lay (means Little Tiger in English)
Grey and White Domestic Shorthair   Two kittens
Janet - Grey and White Domestic Shorthair   Two Kittens
Black and White Domestic Shorthair   Ginger Domestic Shorthair
Black and White Domestic Shorthair   Justin - Ginger Domestic Shorthair
Silver Tabby Domestic Shorthair   Orange tabby domestic shorthair
Jack - Silver Tabby   Rusty - Orange Tabby Domestic Shorthair
  White cat
Tutti Frutti (Cairo, Egypt)   White cat
Ginger cat   Marbled Bengal
Nelson - Three legged Londoner   Merlin - Marbled Bengal
Blue British Shorthair   Blue British Shorthair
Grunta - Blus British Shorthair   Grunta - Blue British Shorthair


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Cat Pictures - Photos of Cats | General Cat Articles
Cat Breed Profiles
Maine Coon
Affectionately known as coonies, the Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat.
Originally christened the Leopardette, the Bengal cat is a hybridization of domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cats (a small wild cat)
The Ragdoll is an extremely laid back and placid breed of cat whose history dates back to the 1960's with a white female cat named Josephine.
The Burmese cat is a popular breed of cat and for good reason. They are the third most searched breed of cat on this site.
One of, if not the most popular breed, the Persian is one of the oldest known breeds of cat.


Cat Pictures - Photos of Cats | General Cat Articles