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Black Cats - Superstitions, Names & Breeds

Why are black cats thought to be bad luck?

This superstition came about because of their association with witches in the Middle Ages. Black cats are still considered bad luck throughout most of Europe, India and the US. Many pet shelters in the US will not adopt out black cats around Halloween due to the increased risk of them being harmed.

Not all countries think of black cats as bad luck though, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand all consider black cats to be good luck. In England, a black cat crossing your path is considered to be good luck. In Germany if a black cat crosses your path from left to right it is a good omen if it crosses from right to left it is a bad omen.

British sailors used to believe that black cats would bring them good luck and would seek out black cats to have as ship cats.

Black cat eye colour:

All cats are born with blue eyes at birth, they change colour around the 8 - 12-week mark. I have read that it is possible for black cats to have blue eyes, but this is extremely rare. At the time of writing, I have been unable to verify if it is indeed genetically possible for a black cat to have blue eyes.

The most common eye colour found in black cats is yellow/golden or green.

Black cat breeds:

Domestic (mixed breed cats) are commonly found in black.

The only purebred breeds of cat I know of that only come in black is the Bombay. Just to confuse matters, the Russian Blue also comes in black (known as the Russian Black). There are several breeds of cats which come in many colours, including black. This includes American Shorthair,  British Shorthair, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Oriental, Persian, Exotic, Sphynx, Scottish Fold, Selkirk Rex.

Black cat names:

Luther, Shadow, Midnight, Minnow, Ash, Sooty, Blackie, Inkie, Binx, Coco/Cocoa, Ebony, India, Licorice, Pluto, Raven, Onyx, Shadow, Salem, Panther, Minnaloushe, Othello, Tabitha, Sabrina, Tom, Isis, Lucifer.

Keeping black cats safe:

It is always a good idea to keep your black cat indoors all the time, however, this is especially important in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Sadly there are still people out there who will take the opportunity to take out their ignorance and aggression on the poor black cats (although other colours may be targeted too). So it is best for all concerned to keep your cat safe and indoors.

Black cats make just as wonderful pets as cats of any other colour. They certainly don't bring bad luck to a household and this belief has been held for too long. It is unfortunate that they are still the target of superstition in so many countries.

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In memory of Shadow.



Black Cats - Superstitions, Names & Breeds | General Cat Articles
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Black Cats - Superstitions, Names & Breeds | General Cat Articles